Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use (ToS)

When making a reservation for a tour with us, pls read our Terms of Service and some other relevant information carefully:

Status of Booking and Confirmation

  1. After you have made a down payment to our account, the booking status will be formally verified and secured.
  2. In order to facilitate the easy recording of all your requests via email, bookings and reservations should be made directly to florestraveler@gmail.com, the email address of our company.

Credit System

  1. All listed trip prices are in US dollars (USD) and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
  2. In order for us to formally confirm and secure your reservation, down payment is required.
  3. Payment using Western Union, PayPal, Wise or bank is advised.
  4. Sorry! We don’t accept credit card payments.
  5. Do let us know not too long after the payment was transferred.
  6. Before the tour starts on the day you meet us, the remaining payment MUST be made.
  7. You are responsible for paying the bank administration fee.
  8. We will issue the receipt as soon as we have received the payment

Refund and Cancellation Policies

  1. Your down payment is not refundable if you decide to cancel the tour you booked with us within 30 days before the tour departure date, since we will also cover the cancellation costs for the tour components we scheduled and prepared.
  2. You will abruptly cancel the tour at the last minute, even if you haven’t started the tour with us, even after you have paid us the full tour price. In order for, we will reimburse you 15% of the entire amount.
  3. You may abruptly cancel the tour for any reason after you have paid us the full tour price while you have been participating in the tour with us. In order for us to look into the cancelation matter before deciding whether or not we may offer you a little refund?

Tour Cost and Itinerary

Whether you want a Fullboard Tour Package, Halfboard Tour Package, or just to rent the transportation, we will charge you according to your needs and requests when you make a reservation for our services. Although we do have a predetermined itinerary for tours, we are also able to adapt it to the needs of the region. In addition, if you have a custom tour itinerary, please let us know in advance so that we may make every effort to accommodate your request. Note: We occasionally alter the for reasons of safety and security. route on the fly, including excluding some of the tourist destinations listed if a natural disaster—such as severe weather, a landslide, a storm, a stormy sea, a strong current, or any other force-major that is uncontrollable by humans—occurs.

A Few Items to Bring for the Tour

A cash amount (IDR) for individual needs; trekking/walking shoes; pants; long sleeves; sweaters; jackets; raincoats during the rainy season; good resistance for walking booths during the rainy season; sleeping bag for the village tour program (should you have a sleep-in program); sunglasses; caps; bug repellent; sunscreen; lotion; snorkeling equipment; swimming suit; portable flashlight; sandals; camera; video camera; first aid kit; and other essential travel documents.


The Complaiants Issue

We value and care about any feedback or grievances that our clients may have. If at any point during your trip with us you receive unacceptable service, kindly report it to our agent or get in touch with us directly. in order for us to make every effort to find a solution.


Bank and Cash Transfer

Due to the limited number of small local banks and money changers, banks and money changers have different conversion rates than international rates. Additionally, Money Changer has a limited supply. It is best to exchange your money in Bali or any other well-known Indonesian tourist destination before beginning this tour and coming to our area. Additionally, a few of our banks offer ATM card services. The majority of the motels, eateries, and micro markets or any stores can only be paid for with cash, while a small number do allow credit card payments.

Domestic Airlines Indonesia

Please! To set up your pick-up and drop-off service at the airport, please let us know the precise time of your trip. There are occasionally issues with Indonesian domestic flight schedule irregularities, like delays and cancellations. Thus, Please! At least 48 hours before your departure, double-check or confirm your flight schedule with the airline where you bought or received your ticket.

Our Reserve and Responsibility

While we constantly strive to make your trip to our area as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible, we solely serve as a local tour operator and travel agency, arranging all your tour components as you choose, including lodging, transportation, boat tours, tour guides, and so forth. We disclaim all liability for any lost, damaged, delayed, canceled, or irregular flight schedule; minor or serious accidents, including fatalities; and natural disasters, including but not limited to inclement weather, landslides, storms, rough seas, or other force majeure events beyond our control.

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