Who We Are?

Flores Traveler is an Indonesian travel agency situated in Ruteng, Flores, in the East Nusa Tenggara Province. Irwan and Erlan, two young people who have worked in tourism for years, founded the company on 21/12/21 in Ruteng.

Why Traveler?

Flores’ main tourist attraction is adventure. For those of you who want to explore the island, love to learn about different cultures, are passionate about getting an in-depth experience of off-the-beaten-track tourist attractions, and love to travel, it is what makes Flores is perfect choice for traveler.

A traveler ventures off the beaten track, away from the crowds, and experiences things most don’t experience. Tourists focus on the destination, whereas travelers focus on the journey. As Robert Louis Stevenson once said “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” It’s the love of motion under a person’s feet which makes a traveler. A tourist can’t wait to arrive at his/her destination.

Flores Island has a steep and hilly topography and diverse cultural landscape that distinguishes it from other islands. Lamaholot in Larantuka, Sikka in Maumere, Ende in Ende, Nage in Nagekeo, Ngada in Bajawa, and Manggarai in Manggarai are the six major unique languages spoken.

Flores Traveler has a concept of sustainability and community based tourism by reflecting to the current world’s phenomenon. For sustainability, we minimize using plastics by providing tumbler and water gallon in the car. Some of our tour activities involve reforestation in Ruteng collaborated with villagers whose forest was cut off for over utilized.

For Community Based Tourism (CBT), Flores Traveler we collaborate with individual or community as the main actor in carrying out the tourism itself. There are some examples of how this CBT has been carried out; we collaborate with Ketillo art and souvenir to provide “photowoods” that are made of waste woods. We also collaborate with farmers by providing lunch or snacks while trekking in the rice fields around Ruteng. We also support and collaborate with some stakeholders, like; Tourist guide associations, local boat operators, homestays, Tourism Awareness Group, and reading class community.

We also run a charity program that provides groceries to locals who feel they need support and love while conducting tour activities. We also bring drawing books, notebooks, pencils and school supplies to help outlying village reading classroom communities who struggle with reading and writing. To make this truly happen, we utilize 5 % of tour price.

Flores Traveler has partnered with Irwan Flores Tour, one of the most highly regarded tour operators on the island, to provide some unique services. Our services include a variety of packages, such as KOMODO TOUR, WAE REBO CULTURAL TOUR, FLORES OVERLAND TOUR, FLORES PILGRIM TOUR, AND GOING NATIVE, as well as a variety of other services tailored to the individual or group’s needs.

See you in Flores and Komodo!

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