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Flores Indigenous Experience is a tour program that offers activities to travelers who want to explore and experience the culture of Flores. This tour will cover off-the-beaten track combined with our guided tour program in order to experience in-depth of Flores and the real life of locals. This program includes: a visit to school, live in local people’s houses, going farm, trekking, culinary, motorbike ride, going on the public bus, and car.

For those who want to book this tour, we recommend you to book much in advance as this tour limits in order to preserve locals’ culture. The aim of this tour is to support local economy, preserve the culture and heritage, education, and add value to traveler’s holiday.


Each image tells a unique story, inviting us into a world of emotion, beauty, and complexity. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and challenged as we journey through this captivating collection of images.



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