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To help you plan your trip, we have put together a list of what's included and what's not included in your tour package. This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect and help you make any necessary arrangements before your journey begins.

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This comprehensive map is designed to guide you through an exciting journey filled with remarkable destinations and captivating experiences.


We have carefully planned out each day to give you the best possible experience. From exploring historic landmarks to tasting delicious local cuisine, each day is packed with adventure and excitement. Join us as we take you on a journey through some of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

The driver and guide will pick you up at Ende airport to start a trip to several destinations in Flores. You will be driving to Moni for overnight with a travel time of 1 and half hours.

Right at 4:00 am you will drive to the parking area where you will start to trek to the summit of Mount Kelimutu (1600 mbl)to see the spectacular view of 3 colored lakes of Kelimutu during sunrise. About 30 minutes wait up on the summit, you will watch for the sunrise right on the backside of the lakes even though sunrise is not always guaranteed but the view of the lakes is also breathtaking. After Kelimutu, you will return to the hotel for breakfast and shower. After breakfast, you will leave Moni at 9 am towards Bajawa via Ende. On the way to Ende, you will visit Wologai traditional village belongs to Lio tribe and then visit Museum Bung Karno, a place where he was exiled. Your lunch will be at Blue stone beach. The journey continues to Soa for bathing at Mengeruda hot spring and then check in hotel in Bajawa for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast at Manulalu, you will trek to Avatar Hill for 1 km to watch the breathtaking view of Mount Ineriewith its spectacular landscape. This will be trekking along the mountain ridge facilitated with ropes for handling. From here, you will walk down to the base and drive to the city of Bajawa for seeing the locals’ activity at Bobou traditional market. Your lunch will be in Bajawa city. After having lunch, you will be driving to the Soa for bathing at Mengerua natural hot spring. From here, you will drive back to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

You will leave after breakfast at the hotel to  Ruteng with a travel time of ± 5 hours. On the way, you will visit Bena traditional village and then continue on to drive to another traditional village belong tor Bajawa tribe in  Belaraghi traditional village. From there, you heads to Aimere, a village where most of the people rely much on “arak” alcoholic drink as main income. From Aimere, you will head to Siquarra Restaurant for lunch. From the restaurant, tour continues to Ruteng for dinner and overnight.

Start the morning with a short drive to a spectacular lookout over a sea of rice terraces stretching across the valleys and up the slopes of the mountains that surround Ruteng at Golo Cador and then you will do trekking around the rice terraces to see the beautiful view of rice paddy on the outskirt or hustle bustle Ruteng City.

Besides to enjoy the view, in here you have the opportunity to see by your own eyes the activities of the local people who go farming. After trekking, you will drive to the city center for lunch. After lunch you will do the city tour to see the oldest church and in noontime you will do a small walk to see the traditional market of Ruteng which is one of the biggest ones in Flores to see all the farming products and the locals’ activities.  Start at 8 AM

Start the morning with a short drive to the north part of Ruteng to visit archeological site, Liang Bua where found homo Florensieis or first Flores man. Afterwards, you will drive back to Ruteng and continue on to Labuan Bajo with a stop in Cancar to visit spider web rice field, a cultural heritage of Manggarai to distribute land. From here, you will continue on to drive

for 15 minutes to La Nusa  to taste an authentic delicious East Nusa Tenggara smoked pork se’i babi . From La Nusa, you will continue to Labuan Bajo, a main entrance to Komodo National Park. Dinner and overnight in Labuan Bajo.

You will leave Labuan Bajo at 09.00 to sail to Kelor Island. In Kelor, you will be trekking to see the view of the sea

and the surrounding islands. From Kelor, you will continue their journey to Manjarite for snorkeling to enjoy the underwater beauty. You will have lunch on the boat. Next, the you will continue their journey to Kalong Island to watch the bats come out of their nests.

You will head to Padar Island. Around 5 Am trekking on Padar Island. Padar is the third largest island in Komodo National Park which is surrounded by three turquoise bays, with each beach in the bay having different colored sand, a great place for taking pictures and capturing moments with friends. From Padar, the tour

continues to Komodo Island to enjoy the beauty of Pink beach and then trekking around Loh Liang bay to see the Komodo dragon and other wildlife in Komodo Island. Lunch on the boat. You will head to Manta for snorkeling to see manta rays and after that the tour continues to Taka Makassar which is known as a beach in the middle of the ocean for playing or snorkeling. overnight

After breakfast, you will head to Siaba. Siaba is a small island that is included in the Komodo National Park area which has its own beauty. This small island got the nickname turtle house because there is a turtle habitat. Here, you will do snorkeling activities to explore the beauty of the island and its rich fauna. After Siaba, you head to Kanawa Island to enjoy the beauty of the thick white beach which is suitable for having fun or taking pictures. On this island, you can also snorkel to enjoy the diversity of fish and coral reefs. From Kanawa, the you head back to Labuan Bajo. Tour ends.


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