Since 2015, we have started with our hospitality business in Flores. We are taking our guests randomly to the places that requested or offered. Since then, we are led to understand that tourism (nature) is an entrance to experience daily life (culture) of locals. We even combined with an educational tours by sharing knowledge and school tools to School kids in Flores.

By realizing that this is a genuine of tourism that our guests love to have during their holiday and this is what we have found out who we are, with no hesitations, we spread this to you so that by tourism activities, people are more introduced and live from educations.


  • In 2015, we donated books and pens to school kids in Wakos, East Manggarai, Flores.
  • We donated 500 pairs of shoes to school kids in Lumu village, East Manggarai, Flores in 2016.
  • Since tourism introduced to Wae Rebo, the parents could afford their kids to school even university.
  • In 2018, we shared knowledge about rubbish in Nangis, Flores and now they collect rubbish every week and head master gives them reward.


Flores Traveler (FT) was established in 2015 by Yulianus Irwan and his brother Irenius in Ruteng. Irwan who runs Irwan Flores Tour has been highly recommended for organizing and guiding tours on Flores and Irenius himself is a journalist. We also have Dion as tour guide who studied tourism and has gained experience and training in Bali. We are also supported by our 2 drivers who could take our guests safely on Flores.