Flores Traveler’s official team consists of four people. Erlan and Irwan are the CEOs, Avelino and Afin as the Tour Guide. However, we have a strong working relationship with other tour guides who are members of the Indonesian Tour Guide Association. We interact with tour guides, as well as drivers and vendors who assist our tour activities.

Erlan, Flores Traveler, CEO

Erlan is from Waerana, East Manggarai, and has worked for a large travel firm in Indonesia as a tour leader. He has traveled to several parts of Indonesia to pick up his visitors. Now he’s back to his hometown, working with his local friends to start a tour company that aims to introduce his unique island to as many people as possible.

He enjoys going on adventures and introducing people to the genuine life of people on his island, which he believes distinguishes him from others. The manner of life that draws the majority of his visitors to his island to share their expertise and experiences. His passion for tourism motivates him to take a risk and embark on a new adventure in his life, despite the fact that Covid remains a threat, but it is the best opportunity for him to experience what Flores has to offer.

Irwan, Flores Traveler, CEO

Irwan, along with Erlan, is a member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association. Irwan Flores Tour (IFT), his tour agency, is ranked number one on Tripadvisor for “things to do in Ruteng.” Since graduating from university in 2015, he has worked as a tour guide and tour organizer in Flores.

During covid, he and his friends collaborate to build the My Flores YouTube channel. Since then, he has discovered that achieving a goal by working as a team with energy and spirit is not difficult. When one of his guests suggested that he start a travel firm with an easy-to-remember name, he was overjoyed to receive Flores Traveler as a partner of IFT.

Avelino, Photographer and tour guide

This website’s photographs are all original. Avelino, the man behind the camera, is responsible for the uniqueness of the documentations. Working as a hotel receptionist in one of the largest hotels in Labuan Bajo for a few years and handling cruise ship passengers throughout Komodo National Park has made him fall in love with tourism. He is presently collaborating with Irwan to develop videos on the YouTube channel My Flores. His drive to master photography and now as a video editor allows him to have a variety of options when his services are required.

He was specifically recruited for photography and videography for the tour within the agreement of our visitors when Flores Traveler had their first guests for touring throughout Flores. Since then, our social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) have been filled with amazing photos and videos.

Afin, Tour Guide

His full name is Afin Gagu. He began his career in tourism from 2012 to 2014 as a ranger in Komodo National Park. Afin is a hard-working person. He studied English in Saint Paul University Ruteng while working as a tourist guide. By the time he graduated, the pandemic had hit the world and had a profound impact on the tourism industry. But he wasn’t desperate. He actively participated in the Manggarai Tourist Guide Association and learned to improve his writing skills with Baca Petra  .

Now tourism reopens,  due to the mission that carried by Flores Traveler to strengthen the capabilities and support of both individuals and communities as well as sustainable tourism, he is so engaged to join the project. By working with Flores Traveler, he seeks professionalism, capacity building, and well-managed tour. From now on, he commits to maximize teamwork beyond tackling himself, as teamwork is much healthier and more powerful.


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