* Visitors must go to the main house of the village (Mbaru Gendang) for Wae Lu’u ceremony when arriving in the village. Before the ceremony, visitors are not allowed to take pictures. Visitors must ask the home owner for permission to enter the traditional houses. Before entering they must take off their shoes.
* Visitors register in the village guest book upon arrival and may donate for Wae Lu’u welcoming ceremony
* Visitors may not stand on Altar (Compang) located in the middle of the village as it is sacred place for the villagers.
* Visitors should cover up appropriately during their stay in Wae Rebo wearing long sleeved clothes. romantic activities in form of kiss in public area and homestay must be avoided.
* If tourists want to participate in traditional ceremonies, they must wear traditional outfits if available or sarong.
* Visitors should not give children money or mints.
* Visitors must throw their rubbish in waste bins.
* Visitors should behave quietly while walking through the village after 10 pm.
* Visitors should always be friendly and open towards the locals and respect the local traditions.
* visitors should not walk by the grave yard or people’s farm. Ask locals or guide of where you have to walk.
* visitors should not play very rough with kids because they can be easily sick and their moms are worried about this.

Yulianus Irwan

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