A Glimpse Of Flores

What you should consider when visiting Flores

1. Length of Tour
The distance from one to another spots are quiet far. It takes in average 4 hours from one to another regencies. Minimum to explore Flores is 4 days but it is only along the trans Flores highway. However, it would take at least 2 more days for Wae Rebo as well as for Riung.

2. The roads
In general the roads on Flores are quiet well. The trans Flores itself is very well maintained. The things to make it challenging is the windy, narrow, steep, and mountainous. Some of the roads to the countryside is very bumpy like Wae Rebo. It takes about 3 hours on some bumpy road. This requires to have an experienced driver and comfortable car like minivan or even 4WD.

3. Medications
There are some kinds of medications that you need to bring when travelling in Flores, they are: medications for vomit, mosquito, food bacteria, and mineral water.

4. Money change
Almost every cities have provided ATM Like Larantuka, Maumere, Ende, Nagekeo, Bajawa, Borong, Ruteng, and Labuan Bajo. However it does not mean that it is enough just to have ATM for any transactions due to having so many places in Flores that using cash. Therefore , if you are willing to see Flores on its countryside, please bring enough cash in Indonesian Rupiah. You may change Dollar or Euro in BNI bank with the lowest 50 Dollar or Euro or in money changers in Bali and Labuan Bajo.

5. Weather
Dry and rain are the weather in Flores in a year. October to March is considered rain and April to September is considered dry. Since 2016, it has been quite so much change on the climate. It is big intensity of rain the whole year in in dry season. Moni, Bajawa and Ruteng are considered to be rain cities as they are 1.100-1.200 meters above sea level. It is cloudy in the noontime quiet often within a year. Please bring jacket or warm clothes if you consider visiting these places. The rest of the cities are closer to the coast which is hot.

6. How to behave toward locals
People in Flores are mostly friendly and welcome and rely much on their religious belief of both anemism and catholic or Muslim. You should be irrational from rational to understand these people because that is how they survive and link to the God and spirits. If you consider to visit locals or even live in, you will have these people be very enthusiastic about you like queen and king. They have English language barrier but it won’t be a problem if you could show your respects.

7. What kind of clothes to wear
Flores people are very authentic and conservative. The people especially women concern much about their clothes. When visiting people’s village, make sure wear politely with your long sleeved clothes on and pants minimum knee sized. If you have sarong, it would be better.

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